Emerald Eyes~ N.Michaels~ 4 Star Review~


After years of being pressured into becoming a neurosurgeon like her father and refusing each time, Katherine Slav’s father has enough of her partying and cuts her off from all financial support, leaving Katherine to find her own place in the world, out of her father’s provision.

Finding a job was a priority. Finding Eric Miller was a bonus, a bonus that quickly proved to be impossible to conquer. How can you have the only man who resists you every step of the way? How can you seduce your boss without losing your job?

Struggling not to blur the lines, Eric tries to keep Katherine at an arms length, but the more he’s around her, the weaker his resistance becomes. At the end, Katherine gets what she wants, but is it all she thought it would be? Discovering Eric’s secret and baring her own, Katherine fights for her newfound love with everything she’s got, but will it be enough to banish the darkness in Eric’s life? Will she be enough?







4 stars from me – 4 sparkly shiny big stars

WOW…..this book surprised me and had me hooked…and the cliffhanger OMG…but I am getting way ahead of myself here – lets go back to the start.

We start the book meeting Katya who has a tough choice to make.  I liked how the start of the book was the start of her journey and we got to go along for the ride.

Katya comes from a rich family and her dad wants her to follow in the family tradition in terms of her job.  She is very much her own person and so wants to walk her own path which leads to her dad cutting her off financially.  So Katya is determined to make it on her own.

Through other family she starts working for Eric Millar – hot, sexy, possessive – think Mr Grey but with a little less kinkiness.  She is his assistant and doesn’t have any work experience – but aces the role 

Katya wants to seduce him as soon as she sees him and really wants him to feel the same way – however he has baggage still in his life so it takes a while for them to get it together – you can tell its gonna happen – its just a matter of when.  They keep coming together, but he blows hot and cold and Katya refuses to be played like that so keeps pushing him away.

Eric’s baggage is in the form of a nasty lady called Eliza who keeps hinting to Katya that’s there is a darker side of Eric that only Eliza can handle.  Eric does send her away and fight for Katya but you just know Eliza isn’t gonna stay away.

The sex scenes when you get to them are very hot and steamy, just the right amount of detail to get your panties wet and leave you wanting more.

Eric and Katya ‘get it on’ and they fall for each other pretty hard and it is all going so well, til Eliza reappears – then the OMG!!! moment happens……and I am dying to read book 2 to see what happens!!!  I cant believe it ended the way it did.

The story was quite slow to get going and if I am honest, Katya annoyed me at the start – she is beautiful and knows it so it was very much ‘men everywhere cant stop staring at me – oh its so hard being me’ but as I read more – I began to really like her and ended up thinking she would be someone I could be friends with.  I loved her feistiness, how she knows what she wants and wont ler anyone stand in her way.  Once the story picked up, I could not put my kindle down and the last 5-7% had me so hooked…I just had to know how it ended.

I will be looking out for book 2 and would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a sexy love story what takes you on a roller coaster ride and leaves you breathless for more.



N. Michaels resides in north NJ in a quiet suburb. She began telling stories at the tender age of six, and later on, she began penning her ideas and sharing her stories with her family and friends.

Emerald Eyes is available at:

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