***Author Note: This is not a love story. This is a story of love gone wrong.***

Growing up the way I did, you’d think I’d be more screwed up than what I actually am.

Soon as I turned sixteen, I left that bump in the road I called home and took my chances on the street.

Best decision I ever made.

Now, at the age of twenty six, I’m educated, employed and damn good at my job.

My friends have become my family. Like me, they know what it’s like to grow up unloved.

But the saying is true.

The world makes way for those who know where they are going.

That’s me.

I know where I’m going and I’ll get there eventually. On my own terms and at my own pace.

But then there’s him.

I feel his eyes on me. I see him hiding in plain sight. He watches me.

He makes me feel.

It’s unconventional.

But it’s real.

I’m sure you’re wondering how a person falls in love with their stalker.

So am I.

This isn’t a story.

This is my life.




Well what can I say about Raw, well lets first say that I purchased this book with my own money- and I wanted to pretty much delete it off my kindle as I was done- I felt like I was reading Satan, that’s how I felt through out the whole book. If you just read the synopsis you think okay- its a Romantic Suspense, I like those- but this was nothing more than OMG and I have to put it down in stages to read. This was not a ROMANCE book Happily Ever After book- The Hero didn’t get the girl- The hero was Fucked up!!! *sorry for language**

Story starts off with Alexa- she’s 6 years old living a shitty life as it was- and that is when she meets her really abused 8 year old neighbor- After a night of screaming and yelling from next door- Alexa sees the boy run away- she follows him. Antonio Flaco is his name- he doesn’t trust anyone- he doesn’t even trust Alexa. But she promises him she’ll never forget him.

Fast forward 20 years lager- Alexa a social worker living in Sydney . Alexa damn sure knows she has a stalker. A stalker that watches her. Never approches. So to me, if I had a damn stalker, I wouldnt let it happen for 1 year?!!! He stalked for 1 year before he finally gets to approch her- after her being attacked and nearly raped- the shining armour saves her. Too bad he’s nothing more than a “creeper” He knew away around her house making it seem like he’s been in her house plenty of times and she was okay with this??!! WTF is wrong with this girl??!!! All she knows that his name is Twitch- Nothing more nothing less. But she gets a “strong” feeling that she can be safe with him….WHAT!??!!! So … some guy stlaking you – magically appears to save you while your almost raped and knows his way around your house?! Whats wrong with this picture.

Twitch is definitely broken- and warped if you ask me. Twitch and Alexa start this nightly sex escapade during the middle of the night always leaving before she woke up. He had this dom issue and really liked belts. Yeah, for someone who is a case worker- “red flags”!!! Anyways- So this is the part where Twitch wants to “hurt” Alexa- wants to hurt her , to suffer some warped up pain. Yeah he isn’t your “ohhh i love twitch has so sexy” type of guy… hes scary, and you didn’t know if you wanted to throw up or fucking burn the pages. Belle made you want to hate him.  Very, Very bipolar and Alexa you almost wanted to slowly put pillow over her face because she deserves everything she gets. She sooo knows better being in the field she’s in. I mean broken man, lines of coke, smoking joints- your freaking case worker… helping young kids..!!!!!!

I dont know what else to say without giving the whole story- but it was effed up!!! The ending sucked because well you dont know if theirs going to be a book 2 or your just left hanging.. it can go so many ways. But until than, if you read this… you will scramble to find something HEA quickly to bleach the words you read. The book was good don’t get me wrong- should I  have read some of the reviews prior to ? Probably. But this is a sick twisted book that will linger with you for days…. So beware!!!!



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