REVIEW: FINDING YOU (BY YOU #3) ~ Kelly Harper


How far would you go?

Sarah followed her boyfriend Huck off to college so they could be together. She thought they were taking the next step, she thought they were in love, she thought he was the one. But when she discovers he’s a cheater and never wanted her to follow him in the first place, everything she thought to be true is destroyed. Now Sarah’s alone in a new city, and she doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to trust, again.

Two years ago, Jeremy’s life was better than he could have ever imagined. Then one tragic night, everything he held dear was ripped away from him, and he was left to pick up the pieces. He’s finally made it to college, keeping a promise he made so many years ago–a promise to make something of himself, to try and right his wrongs. But when he meets someone new, he’s forced to question everything he thought he knew about himself.

As Sarah and Jeremy get closer, she realizes there’s something special about him. Jeremy connects with her in a way that she’s never felt before. But there’s something he’s holding back from her, something he’s keeping hidden. Can Sarah find a way to trust again, or will the ghosts of Jeremy’s past tear them apart?

Finding You is a standalone novel with no cliffhanger







***received this book for exchange for my honest review***

Sarah is a college student that has sworn off guys. She caught her high school sweetheart in bed with another girl and now she is DONE!

Jeremy has demons and not just “I’ve been burned by an ex” kind of demons. Real, recurrent nightmares, “I face them daily” demons. When he meets Sarah, he feels he could open up again. He feels he could actually love again, but could he? Would he risk himself? Risk her?

This is by far a REAL book. It isn’t your multi-billionaire that was abused as a child, it isn’t the guy is an oober player until he sees the girl. This is Jeremy…living, dealing daily with a tragedy. The tragedy that can hit so close to home for a reader that it feels as if you are reliving the tragedy with him. Sarah is what I hope I would be. She follows her childhood sweetheart to college, he cheats and she flips him the bird and walks away. Not tempted to go back to that scum….BRAVO Kelly Harper! I love a good, strong heroine!

When Jeremy and Sarah meets, it is immediate attraction. There is the angst, the ebb and flow that is present in all romance novels. The supporting characters just round out the novel. She has made them so 3D that you are hoping you see them again down the road…HINT HINT Ms. Harper.

I enjoyed this book. It felt like a YA that is transitioning into a NA. It is that pleasant mix between sweet innocence of first kisses to the hot and heavy…well you get my point. I caught on to the foreshadowing and could see some of what was going to happen, but there were still some surprises. This books is a standalone, however, is left open for future novels. I look forward to other new releases by Ms. Harper.



****4.5 Stars****

Recommend: To ALL YA and NA contemporary readers.

HEAT: 2/5

Re-read: I would shelve this one with the option to re-read.


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