Blog Tour: Until You’re Mine by K.Langston Review and Giveaway

Taking big risks had always been Archer Brook’s way of life.

It’s what has to be done in order to get what you want, and he knew that better

than anyone. Archer may have been born into a life of wealth and privilege, but

he’d proven time and time again that his success was a result of his own true

grit and determination. The savvy businessman was an experienced player in the

game of life, always knowing when to ante up or when to cash out.

It was time to do both.

Burned out on the bright lights of Vegas, once the successful night club owner

found the best of both worlds tucked away in a quiet Mississippi town, he never

looked back.

That was until she walked into his bar.

Life has never been easy for Katy Vaughn. The preacher’s daughter turned small

town rebel has seen her fair share of heartbreak, and she’s tired. Katy is done

with men who have no idea what they want or how to treat a woman. She wants a

real man. One who can give her everything she’s ever dreamed of. One who will give

her everything she needs. Lovers of the past may have broken her heart, but

they could never break her spirit.

There was only one man capable of that.


You never know when love will come along and change…everything.






Raising up on her tiptoes, her soft palms cupped my face.

One tiny kiss.

That’s all she took, but you would have thought she robbed me fucking blind. My mind spun at the warmth and affection behind that tiny fucking kiss, the power that rested on those lips made my entire world spin. Watching her walk away, a silent thought sliced through my head.

She fucking owns me.

I think may be one of the most difficult reviews I have written so far! I have so much to say about this book but I just don’t know where to start with it. I have been after this book for what feels like years, you know those books that you just connect with after seeing like one teaser…that was me with Until You’re Mine.

Archer caught my eye in Because You’re Mine even though he wasn’t mentioned a great amount. There was just something about him that made my toes curl, so to find out he had his own book coming made me impatient! But damn the wait was worth it! The man has everything I want and need wrapped into one hot package. He is tattooed, hot as hell, a growly alpha and the filth that falls from his lips would make any woman swoon…but he is also sweet and loyal. Who wouldn’t want all that in a man?

But I need to talk more about this guy’s mouth, I mean just damn! The words that he speaks will make any woman’s panties melt…or fall to their ankles! Yes I will admit I like a man with a dirty mouth and Archer Brooks fills the part perfectly. He swears and talks those naughty words you want to hear. Ok…Ok I will mention something more about the book just in case I haven’t sold you yet!

Katy is the woman in Archers sights, but she doesn’t just fall for his charms! She wants more than he is willing to give and won’t settle for anything else. Even when she has given him the body she still pushes him to give her everything she wants and needs. She has a lot of strength which I love in my female characters, she will give everything of herself but she demands the same returned. When she is pushed away she feels broken but she isn’t the one that comes running back. Finding the strength inside herself even though she hasn’t had the support that she needed growing up, she becomes her own person, even when that person isn’t one that fits in with the family she has. To me that shows a strength about her that a lot of people wouldn’t have. To go against what her strict father has wanted for her, to expose herself to his disdain for being herself well I don’t think many people would be able to do that.

The story follows the ups and downs of the relationship between these two main characters. Archers past is what is keeping them apart, will he be able to accept that his perceptions aren’t what they seem, that people can be trusted? And will Katy be the woman strong enough to break through the walls that Archer is trying to keep erected, the walls he feels he needs to protect himself?

I may have mentioned this…but I love this book! Like love love love! It was written amazingly, I really felt connected to the characters, felt I was living their story. I thought K’s first book was great and the characters were likeable but in this book it just went BOOM! The flow kept me engrossed and didn’t let me leave until I had finished… but then I went back and reread it… several times. Ok…I am totally gushing over this book and probably boring you all now, so I will leave you with one piece of advice!

Meet Archer brooks and soon! You can read his story…but remember the man is mine!











Madison Waters knew exactly what she wanted to do with her

life. She was already working for one of the most prestigious law firms in

Boston as a research assistant, and in a few short months, she would finally

graduate from Harvard and collect her law degree. Everything Madison had worked

so hard for, was well within her reach.

But when Madison has to take an unexpected trip back home, she’s blindsided by

the one thing she’d never planned on.

Desperate to escape his wicked past, Holden Brooks moved to Madison’s hometown

five years ago. It was a struggle at first, but he eventually overcame the

demons that nearly destroyed him back in Texas. Holden is in a good place in

his life and love is the very last thing on his mind.

Everything changes the moment their two paths collide and they soon find out,

fate has a plan of its own.

You never know when love will come along and change…everything.




K has

worked in property management for the last decade.

She enjoys writing, reading and music.

Writing has given K. the release she’s been craving all of these years. An

outlet to fully express herself the way she wants to, the way she needs to.

Her life was forever changed the moment she wrote that first line.




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