Both on the verge of fame. A ballerina who lies. A baseball player who believes her. Well, the truth changes everything.

Since Valentine’s Day, Tally Landon has owned the most tragic story at Paly High. Now, she just wants to graduate, pursue her ballet career in New York, and leave this personal tragedy of hers far behind. Her best friend convinces her to attend one last party–a college party–where she meets Stanford’s latest baseball wonder. Tally has a little fun at this guy’s expense when she lies about her age and who she really is, intent on being someone else for just one night. After all, what’s the harm in a few innocent lies, especially when she’s so good at telling them?

Lincoln Presley’s future is all mapped out. There is only baseball. With the big leagues circling with a lucrative offer, the star pitcher is solely focused upon securing his future. His cousin’s party serves as a welcome distraction but then he sees the girl from Valentine’s Day–the one he rescued from the burning wreckage on the 101. He can’t quite hide his disappointment when she appears to look right through him, obviously not remembering him at all. Linc vows to learn her name at least. What would be the harm in getting to know this girl? What’s the worst that can happen?

Fate brings them together. Fame & lies tear them apart. One truth remains…




No one can prepare you for emotional rollercoaster that you’re about to be taken on. I went in blind, not reading a synoposis to even see if I liked it, I had 1-clicked this one maybe by chance it was on sale for .99… just scrolling thru my kindle looking for something to read, and was captivated by chapter 1.

“Grief arrives in such unexpected ways and moments. I can’t decipher if it’s the remembering that is more painful or if the incessant worry of not remember everything about her that might be worse.”

Bam! Bring out the tissue, cue the WTF am I getting my self into.

wait what photo:  a3c7796f.gif



I dont know how to even start this review, I’ve been left with a serious book hanger, and EVERY TIME I want to write something… I just stop.

Tally Landon- they say she is one of a kind, but she’s not. She’s a identical twin, her sister Holly Landon the one that everyone LOVES, was taken suddenly. Both prima ballerina’s with their whole world ahead of them.. suddenly crash’s down.

One night she lands herself at a college party- she’s only 17 why not.. Shes the bad twin, the one that needs the 1 night stands, the one with no commitment, or a cuddle afterwards.

“It is sometimes true that a girl can become someone else with the simplest of changes.”

That’s when she meets Lincoln Presley. The up and coming star baseball player at Stanford. She can be someone else. She can be her for one night. What she didn’t expect was the repercussions of that one night.

Tally Landon lands herself in NYC while Presley lands himself with the Angels to opposite sides of the continent, both have imaginable differences and lovers in-between. Ballet is Tally’s dream, while baseball is Lincoln’s. Sacrifices that Tally did, takes you to real life scenario, does this 18 year old ballerina do it? Can she sacrifice ballet and her dreams for someone else’s? Who is she protecting? Who she is saving herself from?


This book takes you on a 4 year span starting when Tally was 17 landing her to 21. The story of these two were nothing more than heartbreaking, intense, more heartbreak, and a little WTF whyyyyy moments! I started this book by chance, and was left with my soul crushed wondering why the heck this didn’t turn out to be lifetime story, a freaking HBO showcase- and freaking made to movie deal!

I scrolled thru the negative reviews, and I shake my head and wonder not all stories have the insta love HEA story line. This story line was REAL, REAL events, REAL feelings, and guess what I felt every single thing while I read it. Shame on you Katherine for making us have feelings.. BRAVO actually!!!!

Star Ballarina, Famous Baseball players- two worlds collide, but can they manage to keep their promises to each other? Will LIES always take over the TRUTH, will both of them be strong enough to forget the past and move to the future. They have to over come so many obsticals to get to that end, that the SUSPENSE is out of this world, nothing I’ve read before. If your looking for SMUT, this is NOT smut. If your looking for a book that rips your heart out and and slowly repairs it… than this is it for you!!!!





Book 2 of the Truth in Lies series Review will be coming SOOOON!!!!

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