Photographer: FuriousFotog

Cover Designer: Cover Me Darling

Release Date: Oct 13, 2014


Damien “D’Rey” Reynolds

is the lead singer of the hottest new band in the country.  He’s talented, he’s gorgeous, and he’s

spinning completely out of control.  His

dark past is threatening to ruin everything he’s worked so hard for.   When a

story leaked to the press has the power to clean up his image, he doesn’t see

another way out.

Mia Lee has

spent the past year forgetting about the week that changed her life

forever.  A chance encounter brings her

face to face with the man who has the power to break her heart all over

again.  She wants the fairytale, but

Damien Reynolds is no prince.

Being famous

comes with a price.  The paparazzi are

hungry, late nights are filled with women lining up waiting for their chance,

and danger lurks around the corner.

Sometimes the best security detail in the world can’t change what’s

already been set in motion.

Losing what’s

most important has the power to shatter the future.   In a world full of darkness, can Damien

chase away his demons before it’s too late?

After a loss that rocks him to the core, can he take a chance on love

again?  Or will his past be what truly

defines him?

Liquid Regret is

book one in the Liquid Regret Series.





Cover Model: Lance Jones

Photographer: Michael Meadows Studio

Cover Designer: Cover Me Darling


MJ Carnal is a USA TODAY bestselling author who lives in South

Carolina with her husband, gorgeous daughter and two loving and super furry

dogs. Her true passion is written word. When she isn’t writing, you can find

her watching episodes of The Walking Dead with her hubby, having tea parties

with her princess, Singing karaoke for anyone that will listen and reading just

about anything she can get her hands on. Her first book series, The Moretti

Novels, are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, Kobo and


She loves to hear from

readers, fellow writers and book lovers. Find her online at www.facebook.com/mjcarnalauthor, by email at mjcarnalauthor@aol.com, or on Twitter @mjcarnalauthor.

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